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FEB 12 2021: Default Folder X 5.5.6 helps Big Sur 11.2 remember the previous width of the sidebar in Open and Save dialogs. It also integrates with the version of HoudahSpot available on Setapp and addresses several bugs.

Our thanks go out to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their localization help.

JAN 28 2021: Default Folder X 5.5.5 eliminates "could not relaunch the Finder" errors, shows longer file and folder names in the drag zone and Finder drawer, and remedies compatibility issues with JetBrains apps.
JAN 15 2021: Go64 1.3 now shows counts of Intel and Universal apps and allows you to display only apps of a particular architecture. It also offers several bug fixes and is localized in German!
JAN 8 2021: Default Folder X 5.5.4 addresses a number of issues, including a workaround for a bug in Big Sur that causes Open and Save dialogs to default to very small sizes.
DEC 16 2020: HistoryHound 2.3.1 corrects a bug that could cause it to quit unexpectedly when indexing some websites.
DEC 4 2020: Default Folder X 5.5.3 lets you turn off tracking of cloud-synced folders, handles iCloud more intelligently and corrects several bugs.
NOV 20 2020: Default Folder X 5.5.2 corrects a bug that could cause file dialogs to hang and delivers compatibility with Apple's latest Big Sur 11.1 beta release.
NOV 18 2020: Go64 1.2 now shows the CPU architecture of your applications, as well as indicating whether they're 64-bit. It's also a universal app itself, natively supporting Macs powered by Apple Silicon.
NOV 10 2020: Default Folder X 5.5.1 fixes a bug in version 5.5 that could make it fail to launch correctly.
NOV 6 2020: Default Folder X 5.5 fully supports macOS 11.0 Big Sur, tracks cloud-synced files and folders, enhances support for Path Finder and ForkLift, and more!
NOV 3 2020: App Tamer 2.6 supports macOS 11.0 Big Sur natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs! This release also corrects issues with Spotlight and notifications, as well as fixing a memory leak.
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