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MAR 21 2023: Default Folder X 5.7.6 matches its toolbar color to "dark mode" file dialogs in apps that use custom dark themes even when the system is in Light Mode. This release also fixes a number of bugs and compatibility issues.

Our thanks go out to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their localization help.

FEB 20 2023: Default Folder X 5.7.5 fixes two bugs that occur in Open and Save dialogs.
JAN 20 2023: Default Folder X 5.7.4 delivers several important bug fixes to correct reliability problems within Open and Save dialogs.
JAN 19 2023: App Tamer 2.7.6 offers sorting options and UI improvements, support for newer MacBook models, and fixes for a number of issues.
JAN 10 2023: Go64 1.4 fixes user interface issues when running on Ventura, improves support for viewing and saving of CPU architecture info about your apps, and auto-sizes columns when you double-click on their dividers. It's still free, and still a great way to check your apps for 64-bit and Apple Silicon compatibility.
DEC 28 2022: A new pre-release build of Default Folder X 6 is available, delivering a completely rewritten drawer that attaches itself to windows in the Finder.
DEC 22 2022: Default Folder X 5.7.3 works around two bugs in Ventura, improves default locations of its buttons in the Finder's toolbar, and clarifies descriptions in its AppleScript dictionary.
NOV 21 2022: Version 5.7.2 of Default Folder X fixes issues with Ventura's Stage Manager, and also remedies problems assigning privacy permissions to Default Folder X on Catalina.
OCT 7 2022: Default Folder X 5.7.1 corrects a bug that could cause it to ask for Security & Privacy permissions when it already has them.
SEP 26 2022: Default Folder X 5.7 is available! It delivers Ventura compatibility, integration with Find Any File, fixes for iCloud and OneDrive and more.
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